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We are on the homestretch of developing a disruptive automated simulation service. The service will be so easy that anyone can perform simulations. You will be able to understand the effect of air flow (turbulence, sound, drag, ventilation, comfort, cooling) on your design.


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How it Works

Adaptive Simulations offers a cloud-based service (SaaS), providing customers with fully automated flow simulations. This eliminates sub-optimizations due to human error, increases accuracy and lowers the cost of simulations dramatically.


But above all, our unique automated solution makes the complex easy. Really easy. "No-need-for-a-degree"-easy.

The beta launch of the service will be a good way for us to make sure that the service really is as easy as we promise it to be. During the beta phase, which will not include all functionalities, we will charge no subscription fees.


After the beta, we will reward our early adopters with a massive discount on the subscription fees.

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